Who attends

1. Manufacturers, FMCG

2. Import / export enterprises

3. Sellers & Buyers looking for B2B/B2C/C2C ( domestic or abroad ) online platforms

4. Retailers and brands, merchants, shopping malls, groceries and supermarkets

5. Dealers & distributors

6. Dining & Quick Service Restaurants

7. Domestic/Cross-border E-retailers from different online platform

8. E-commerce platform ( Alibaba, Taobao, JD, Amazon, DH Gate, LAZADA etc.)

9. SEO, Search Engines, CRM, ERP, digital marketing, online marketing, advertizing

10. Travel, hospitality, entertainment, dining and quick service restaurants

11. Hospitals and healthcare

12. IT, software, internet, cloud

13. Payment, bank, insurance, financial organizations, investors & venture capitalists

14. Logistics, warehousing, express delivery, transportation

15. Supply chain management

16. Government, association, institutions ,media

17. Freelancers, students

Attend benefits

Our ultimate objective is to help grow online business, retail organizations, SME's and other businesses which is the path of future growth. You can:

  • Evaluate new technologies, and collect the market information

  • Compare new products and solutions

  • Demo the latest technology and products

  • Engage with world class service providers

  • Establish partnerships across the industry

  • Promote your products to the Chinese import cross-border E-tailers

  • Provide your advantageous local services ( language, payment, logistics, digital marketing etc.)  to the Chinese export cross-border e-tailers.

  • Export your products to China and import Chinese products.