14 OCT. 2015 AM
14 OCT. 2015 PM
15 OCT. 2015 AM
15 OCT. 2015 PM
14 OCT. 2015 AM

E-commerce Thousand People Forum ( Domestic Section )   on 14 Oct. 2015

09:30-10:50Deep Interpretation of Internet Warehousing, Start Internet Warehousing EraSF-Express Warehousing and Distribution Division
10:50-11:05Our exploration in E-commerce        

Mr. Li Qiang,

Founder of Log Logistics

11:05-11:20Information flow in wise cloud warehousing

Mr.Xiang Lei,

Assistant President, Kingdee Group

11:20-11:40Heavy Goods Logistics, Emphasia on Customer Experience

Mr. Chen Rongbo,

Vice President, Capital Rice

11:40-12:00Fullfill customer's perception from all aspects

Mr. Liu Wenzhen,

President, Dingzhi Tranding / Agency of RIMOWA Luggage

E-commerce Thousand People Forum ( Cross-border Section )   on 14 Oct. 2015

14:00-14:20Amazon helps to sell to the whole world

Mr. Jones Kang

Southern China Director, Amazon China

14:20-14:40JD helps to distribute products all over the world

Mr. Guo Hongtao

JD Overseas Division

14:40-15:00Future for Cross-border E-commerce under mobile era

Mr. Fang Fang

General Director, WISH China

15:00-15:20Deep research on Southeast Asian Cross-border E-commerce

Mr. Tommy

Sales Director, LAZADA China

15:20-15:40Create Brand for Cross-border E-commerce

Mr. Zhou Ning

Founder of BizArk

15:40-16:00How the clicks come- from inbound links

Mr. Chen Yong

Vice President, Meetsocial

16:00-16:20Solutions for Distribution Channel of Import Commodities

Mr. Zhong Weiguo

COO, Ants-City


Round Table Discussion:

Pain caused by transformation from manufacturing to



Mr. Yan Min, Founder of KJDS.com


Ms. Liang Xiaoying,

Director, Amazon Fashion

Mr. Tommy

Sales Director, LAZADA China

Mr. Zhou Ning

Founder of BizArk

Mr. Chen Yong

Vice President, Meetsocial

15 OCT. 2015 AM

The 2nd Cross-border E-commerce Logistics and Supply Chain Service Development Forum   on 14 Oct. 2015

09:30-10:002015 Trend Interpretation of China Cross-border E-commerce

Mr. Ruan Jingwen

Co-president, IResearch Group

10:00-10:20How does Corss-border E-commerce chaining to global opportunities?        

Mr. Feng Jianfeng

CEO, DinoDirect Ltd.

10:20-10:40Connection Value of Bonded Exhibition

Mr.Sun Zhiping

Board Vice-chairman

10:40-11:00Supply Chain Finance Restructures New Ecosystem of Foreign Trade

Mr. Ouyang Zhijun

Vice President, China Brilliant Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd.

11:00-11:20Russian Opportunity and Challenge of Cross-border E-commerce

Mr.  Igor Subow

Head, NAMO


Summit Dialogue:

Fostering the advantage of Global supply chain of Cross-border E-commerce

Moderator: Mr. Liu Xuefei

GM, Shenzhen Minstar Technology Co Ltd


Mr. Luo Min

CEO, 4PX Group

Mr. Lu Haichuan

President, Aukey E-business Co Ltd

Ms. Zhuang Liyan

Executive Vice President, Aukey E-business

Mr. Xiao Feng

DGM, Onetouch Enterprise Service Co Ltd

Mr. Jones Kang

Southern China Director, Amazon China

15 OCT. 2015 PM

The 2nd Cross-border E-commerce Logistics and Supply Chain Service Development Forum on 15 Oct. 2015

14:00-14:20Supply Chain Management upon trend of scattered trade

Mr. Sun Weiping

Chairman, Shenzhen East Top Supply Chain Co Ltd

14:20-14:40New Opportunity of Qianhai Free Trade Zone

Mr. Wu Dongshuo

GM, Shenzhen Baohong Ecommere Integrated Service Co Ltd

14:40-15:00Integration of Logistics and Supply Chain based on O2O Platform

Mr. Lin Haoming

COO, Ulink Supply Chain

15:00-15:20European Current Logistics Status and future Planning

Mr. Bernard Piette

GM, Logistics in Wallonia, Belgium


From Industry Internet to Supply Chain Concentration Advantage

Ms. Li Li

Deputy GM, ZTE Supply Chain Co Ltd

16:00-16:20Innovative ideas for Cross-border E-commerce Pattern

Ms. Xu Ping

GM, Henan Bonded Logistics Center

16:20-17:00Cross-border E-commerce Pain-point Forum:

The Interpretation of The Crux and development trend of all logistics chain


Mr. Yu Chongyuan

CEO, Birdsystem International Logistics Co Ltd

Mr. Peng Guodong

CEO, Yunexpress Logistics Co Ltd

Mr. Yang Xuehai

GM, WTD Ecommerce

Mr. He Xiaodong

COO, Yunniao Delivery

Ms. Xiong Hongmei

CEO, Flying Logistics