During the ten short months from January to October, 2017, the total volume of China’s import and export
reached RMB 22.52 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.9% over the same period of last year, and the export
recorded an increase of 11.7%, to which China’s traditional export destinations like America, European
Union and Japan have made their share of contributions. Meanwhile, a rapidly growing share of export
has flown to BRICS economies (Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and Malaysia) and “Belt and Road”
-involved countries and in particular, export towards Brazil rises by nearly 40%. An ever improving
environment for foreign trade enables cross-border e-commerce related export, a new highlight in
China’s foreign trade sector, to grow notably faster than the average.

It is worth mentioning that in the first half of 2017, China’s cross-border e-commerce turnover reached an

impressive RMB 3.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 30.7%, among which export takes up a share of 2.75 trillion

yuan, up by 31.5%. The drastic development in cross-border e-commerce will give full play to China’s

manufacturing capacity, expand overseas marketing channels, and ultimately bring about upgrading and

transformation of China’s foreign trade.

Guandong stands proudly as the No. 1 province and Shenzhen, unapologetically, the leading city in terms
of cross-border e-commerce. For several years in a row, Guangdong has contributed 70% of the cross
-border e-commerce trading volume in China. Shenzhen occupies 40% of the cross-border e-commerce
active sellers, among which there are quite a few famous suppliers and listed enterprises like:
Globalegrow E-commerce, Bestek, Aukeys, Youkeshu, Tomtop, Hofan, Sailvan, Atcsell, Huipeitong,
Anker, Lens, Valuelinkcorp, All Land etc.

Shenzhen is undoubtedly the No. 1 Cross-border E-commerce city in China. In the first ten months of
2017, Guangdong’s import and export volume accounted for 24.3% of the country’s total, to which export
contributes RMB 3.39 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.3%. Thanks to the economy booster “Cross-border
E-commerce”, Shenzhen easily makes it into the list of top 10 exporters in China.

It solves the pain point, makes it easy to do
export trading anywhere.

Nowadays, China’s export manufacturing is forging forward by innovating products and searching for

new marketing channels, evolving from OEM to brand making. While many traditional export

enterprises are running around in traditional exhibitions of no avail, concerned about their lack of

marketing channels and orders, a growing number of businesses turn to cross-border e-commerce

platforms. However, they may fall short of their wishes, because a small number of e-commerce

enterprises in the region are unlikely to form an industry-wide synergy and the lack of talents in the

industry makes it hard to move further forward.

In that case, SZ International Export Fair is a perfect choice for you. It is a cross-border e-commerce

communication platform for traditional foreign trade enterprises. Here you can exhibit your products

and technologies, negotiate a partnership with tens of thousands of suppliers and talk with delegates

from famous cross-border e-commerce platforms ( like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish etc.) about

branching out overseas and hitting the global market.

You are able to match the rich resource of Cross-border eCommerce

1、Inviting Official delegations from the most famous cross-border e-commerce platforms. With their guidance,
you can land on their platforms and reach out to the whole world. Like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, Shopee,
Paytm, Qoo10, Jollychic, Souq, NewEgg, Cdiscount, Priceminister, UMKA, Linio, MercadoLibre etc.

2, Inviting big sellers of export cross-border eCommerce, like Globalegrow E-commerce, Bestek, Aukeys,
Youkeshu, Tomtop, Hofan, Sailvan, Atcsell, Huipeitong, Anker, Lens, Valuelinkcorp, All Land etc.

Exhibit Profile

1, Household appliances, 3C, Digital products, Consumer electronics, Lighting

2, Textile and garment, Shoes and hats, Leather goods, Luggage 3, Toys, Gifts, Household products, Daily commodities, Pet supplies 4, Beauty and hair dressing , fashion products 5, Cross-border e-commerce platform and service providers ( Payment, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Digital marketing etc. )

Concurrent Show in 2018

The 13th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair ( CILF )

The 4th China (Shenzhen) International Internet and E-commerce Expo ( CIE )

The 5th Cross-border E-commerce Supply Chain Service Development Forum

The Belt and Road International Intermodal Transportation Fair

Post report of 2017  ( CILF + CIE )

Total exhibition area:  65,000

Exhitibor:  attracting 1861 exhibitors from 52 countries and regions

Visitor: 134,500 visits from 81 countries and regions

Other: 72 conferences and activities

Inviting targeted professional audience. With multi-dimensional and all-round promotion, we achieved remarkable results 1) Intelligent data processing: cloud computing was applied to a large database of over one million viewers who have been
involved over the past 11 years, precisely matching business supply with demand and sending information to targeted audience. 2) High degree of professionalism: a special team was formed to invite professional audience one-on-one by telephone, so
as to ensure that senior executives with decision-making authority and directors of relevant department attend the event. Matching exhibitors and the audience's procurement needs beforehand to ensure the supply meet the demand. Visiting
key enterprises which have strong demand for logistics and inviting them face-to-face.
3) Caring service: free business shuttle bus were offered to pick up professional buyers and purchasing agents and Visitor
Pass were delivered to them in advance, making it more convenient for them to visit.
4) Cooperating with organizations to invite group members: through cooperation with more than 200 trade associations and
professional media organizations from all over the country, especially from the Pearl River Delta region 5) Massive promotion materials: we sent out 500,000 copies of invitations and tickets, through partner associations, media,
as well as more than 100 domestic and foreign exhibitions which are similar to this events or related to logistics industry. 6) Cooperation with professional media: more than 500 domestic professional media and more than 200 mainstream media
(including magazines, newspapers, websites, self-media, Weibo, WeChat official accounts, etc.) covered the shows in detail. 7) 17 overseas offices have been established to closely contact with governments, associations, and more than 40 cooperation
agencies, and organize professional visitors to attend the event. 8) Making full use of new media: promotion on social media, such as WeChat, Weibo and QQ, and other platforms such as
self-media and Tencent GDT. Creating H5 invitations for each participating enterprise, so that they can be promoted on
social media. 9) Regular customized e-mail push: creating special email about exhibition information for different sections of the exhibition,
activities and forums, and sending them to targeted customers who are carefully selected from audience database.
10) Interacting with exhibitors to share audience resources: all the exhibitors actively invited their customers to the shows,
with tailored H5 invitations made by the organizing committee. Stimulating exhibitors’ enthusiasm to promote the event,
so as to expand the influence of CILF in the industry.

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