A circular drafted by 18 governmental agencies spearheaded by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) of the People's Republic of China marks that intermodal transportation development is up to national strategy. China is encouraging the development of multimodal transportation in an effort to ease road traffic congestion and lower transportation and packaging costs.

In the Regular Press Conference of MOT on November 23rd 2017, intermodal transportation in China is still in its infancy. Usually container sea-rail transport ratio in developed countries is 20%-30% while China is only 2%; container rail transport volume accounts for around 30% in rail freight among developed countries while there is 10% in China.

Belt & Road International Intermodal Transportation Fair 2018 is an important component of CILF. CILF (short for  China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair) is the leading logistics and transport expo in Asia for Logistics & Supply Chain, Port & Shipping, Airport & Airlines, Express, Logistics Equipment & Technology, Commercial & New Energy Vehicles, Road Transport, Intelligent Transportation, Transport Construction, Rail Transport and Sea-Rail Intermodal, Internet & E-commerce Business and beyond.

Exhibiting here offers you the perfect platform to take advantage of these opportunities and showcase your products and services among the industry’s key decision makers.

Concurrent Exhibitions
The 13th Shenzhen International Logistics and Transportation Fair (CILF)
The 4th Shenzhen International Internet and E-commerce Expo (CIE)

Forums & Activities
The 5th Cross-border E-commerce Logistics & Supply Chain Service Development Summit Forum:
explore and analyze the logistics and supply chain difficulties in cross border e-commerce

Networking Days One2One Meetings:
matchmaking activities with new products, services and technology

The 4th Forum of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and The 7th Shenzhen World Port Chain Strategy Forum:
dedicated to build up port chain to enhance the cooperation in Maritime Silk Road economic zone;

The 3rd Sea-rail Transport & Cross-border Transportation Summit Forum China Highway Freight Corridor Forum:
to build up the Chinese road freight highway
(The organizing committee reserves all rights to the above activities.)

1,  Container: Container Design & Innovation, Container Modification & Adaptation, Container Modular Housing, Container Leasing, Container Manufacturing, Container & Portable Storage, Container Paints & Flooring, Container Trading/Resale, Container Terminal, Flexitank, Tank Container and related equipment etc.;
2, Rail Freight &Road Freight: Rail Operation, Railfreight Equipment, Railfreight Terminals & Services, Cargo / Transport Refrigeration, Road Operation, Road Haulage Equipment;
3, Ports, Dry Ports / Inland Intermodal Hubs, Airports
4, Shipping Lines, Inland Waterway Operation & Equipment
5, Integrate Logistics, 3PLs and Freight Forwarders, Internet data and Tracking Software, Logistics and Traffic Planning, Insurance / Finance etc.;

★ Multi-dimensional & All-round Promotion

1. Intelligent data processing: cloud computing was applied to a large database of over one million viewers who have been involved in the past 12 years, precisely matching business supply with demand and sending information to target audience.

2. High degree of professionalism: a special team was formed to invite professional audience one-on-one by telephone, so as to ensure

that senior executives, decision-makers, and directors attend the event. Matching exhibitors and the audience's procurement needs beforehand to ensure the supply meet the demand. Visiting key enterprises which have strong demand for logistics and inviting them face-to-face.

3. Caring service: free shuttle bus offered to pick up professional buyers and purchasing agents and Visitor Pass were delivered to them in

advance, making it more convenient for them to visit.

4. Cooperating with organizations to invite group members: through cooperation with 200+ trade associations and professional media

organizations from all over the country, especially from the Pearl River Delta region, VIP purchasing groups comprising people who are in

charge and from industries where there are demands for logistics;

5. Massive promotion materials: 2,500,000 copies of invitations and tickets distributed through partner associations, media, as well as

more than 100 domestic and foreign exhibitions which are similar to this event or related to logistics industry.

6. Cooperation with professional media: 500+ domestic professional media and 200+ mainstream media (including magazines,

newspapers, websites, self-media, Weibo, WeChat official accounts, etc.) covered CILF in details;

7. Global Agencies: 17 overseas offices have been established to closely contact with governments, associations, and 40+ cooperation

agencies, and organize professional visitors to attend the event.

8. Outdoor advertising: a large number of outdoor advertisements put on before the event, such as those in Shenzhen ports, airports,

railway stations, bus stops, subway stations and high-speed rail stations, advertisements on taxis and buses, as well as TV advertisement in

buses and subways.

9. Making full use of new media: promotion among social media like wechat, microblog and QQ, we media and Tencent Social Ads,

customized H5 invitation for each exhibitor;

10. Regular customized e-mail push: creating special email about exhibition information for different sections of the exhibition, activities

and forums, and sending them to target customers who are carefully selected from audience database.

11. Interacting with exhibitors to share audience resources: more than 1,800 exhibiting companies actively invited their customers to

CILF, with tailored H5 invitations made by the organizing committee. Stimulating exhibitors’ enthusiasm to promote the event, so as to expand

the influence of CILF in the industry.

12. Making full use of the Internet: selecting and awarding the "Most Popular Enterprises in the Exhibition" through online voting to

promote the event, which not only enhanced the visibility of exhibitors, but also aroused exhibitors’ enthusiasm to participate in publicity.



Former Exhibitor List 2017

PORT & Shipping

Freeport of RIGA Authority

Incheon Port Authority, Hong Kong

Port of Gdansk Authority SA

Port of Gothenburg

Port of Taranto

Port of Sillamae (Silport)

Port of Tallinn

Port of Rotterdam

SHOAR Port and Freezone

Ventspils Free Port

Port of Hamburg

Shenzhen CMSK International Cruise Home Port Co., Ltd.

China Merchants Logsitics Holding Co.,Ltd.

China Merchants Port Holdings Co.,Ltd.

CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen

COSCO Shipping Lines South China Co.,Ltd.

Dachan Bay Terminals

Foshan Nanhai NanGang Terminal Ltd.

Guangdong Nanyang International Logsitics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen

Guangzhou Asia Rapidness Enterprise Services Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Richway Int'l Shipping Agencies Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Oceanus Group Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Pilot Station

Shenzhen Port

Shenzhen United International Shipping Agency Co., LTd.

Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Yantian Port Trade Zone Service Center

Tianjin Port Group Co.,Ltd.

T.S. Lines Co.,LTd.

Universal Shipping (Asia) Co.,Ltd.

Wan Hai Lines Ltd.

Wenco Shipping (Hongkong) Ltd.

YangMing Marine Transport Corp.


FedEx Trade Networks Freight Forwarding Agency Services (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Branch

NAQEL Express





DHL Global Forward (China) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen

JD Logistics

KUA YUE Express Group Co., Ltd.

S.F. Express Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen 4PX Express Co., Ltd.

UC Logistics Co.,Ltd.

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