About CBE
Shenzhen is a gathering place for leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Nearly 80% of Chinese sellers on the cross-border e-commerce platforms led by Amazon come from Shenzhen, it drives the steady development of upstream and downstream manufacturers, logistics and cross-border e-commerce related service enterprises. The comprehensive score of Shenzhen integrated pilot zones for cross-border
e-commerc ranks first in China, and ranks first in industrial ecology index and growth potential index.

The first exhibition began in 2015, focusing on the product display specially provided by cross-border e-commerce, covering mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms and upstream and downstream service providers, and covering more than 30 industrial belts in China. Through products selection, platform policy interpretation, professional forum activities focusing on different problems in different countries and regions, and multiple resource business matching activities, from product selection, operation, logistics and supply chain management, display the whole industrial chain of cross-border e-commerce comprehensively, and create a professional, high-end and high-quality industry network.

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